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Soja’ is a kiirtan group inspired by the divine. Our goal is simple. Become instruments for Cosmic Consciousness to spread intoxicating melodies through out the universe. To inspire devotion for God. To open our hearts and minds and surrender our ego.

Baba Nam Kevalam


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  1. Great job, I’m starting to listening to you from this link
    Didi Ananda Harimaya has shared it in the list she owns in the old YahooGroups Page.
    Please come and share more music and -specially- nice HD videos like this one.

    Namaskar brothers my name is Mahesh I’m Argentina, La Plata.

  2. Namaskar,
    Pls send me all the new kirtan tunes in mp3 format with their chords i really want learn and enjoy the kirtan.
    Thank You

  3. Namaskar,

    Thank-you sister Madhumita and brother Liilamaya. I too have a Kiirtan I would like to share, and was going to ask which email I could send it to!

    Liilamaya – I am so touched by your efforts, and inspiration. My heart lights up, every time I think of your Samkalpa and read your blog. I want to thank-you. As a result, some of us Margii’s here in Canada have also increased our Kiirtan efforts – including getting up a 5am to do a 30-minute Kiirtan. We have also organized a public fundraising event, for this Saturday, which will include a 3 hour Kiirtan. Once again thank-you for your inspiration.

    Baba Nam Kevelam.

    • Namaskar Niketa,
      I am soooooo happy that you are also inspired. Baba’s Kiirtan flow is such a service. You can send me the kiirtan in MP3 format to Where in Canada are you? I live on the Sunshine Coast just north of Vancouver.
      Baba Nam Kevalam,

  4. Namaskar brother

    I have some kirtans, i´d like to contribute with. What is the email, i can send them to?

    Thank you

    Regards from Brasil

    Baba Nam Kevalam



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