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DAY 29 – Churning the Milk – Ideation Kiirtan


In this relative existence it takes effort to embrace the magic hidden in the moment, well at least most of the time. Sometimes I think we are given the gift of Cosmic Grace, but I don’t feel we should wait around for that moment to come. Lately, I have been revelling in the joy veiled in the struggle, like the oil in the seed or the butter from the milk. 

This kiirtan is very simple, I just came up with the melody tonight, maybe there is another part maybe not, my main intention with this recording was to bring my full awareness and attention to the mantra and find the magic in the ideation of Baba Nam Kevalam.


very simple chords:

am, em x 3

F,C,G x 1

My dishwasher is happily singing in the background 🙂


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  1. Namaskar,
    Thank you for sharing kiirtanas here.
    It was impressive to have seen kiirtanas on You-Tube, especially one with Baba nam kevalam on your fingers. It made me and many margiis laugh:-)
    And this kiirtan makes me cry. This tune from Him is so touching and deep. And your dishwasher sounds like a shower in the ocean. Appreciate to its good job 😉 Even the dishwasher is in bliss thanks to kiirtan!
    Baba nam kevalam!

    • Namaskar,
      Thanks it means a lot to me, to hear that others are finding some inspiration with the kiirtan blog. Im going to India soon and will continue my blogging from there.

  2. Namaskar
    This is a wonderful and sweet kiirtan, and doesn’t need anything added – it can be beautiful and inspiring in many versions.
    With gratitude, and now very inspired


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