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DAY 21 – Kiirtan in the Night


In the face of all obstacles, all adversities I will achieve my goal, this firm determination is a Sankalpa. 

By the time 8pm rolled around I was deleriously tired. I tried a bit of kiirtan but submitted to the call of my bed. But before sleep, remembering my Sankalpa I asked my wife to wake me up when she went to bed, and thus here I sit at 1:38am in the morning in front of my mac sharing with you the nectar of my inspirations. 

By nature Im not a very disciplined person but my respect, and reverence for discipline is great. One of the most rewarding feelings I experience is when I go from feeling completely disconnected in the mire of illusions to an experience of deep communion due to my own effort. Consciously engaging in a battle with the all of the fissiparous tendencies of my monkey mind, and infusing my vrtiis with loving ideation……Baba Nam Kevalam.

These days I find the veil to be very dark, but also very thin. It’s curious to me that when there is a lot of negative microvita attacking our world I also have the tendency to eat heavier food, sleep more, allow my practices to take the back seat etc……Subconsciouly seeking a disconnect.  But more than ever in the darkest hour Baba wants us to shake off the static vibrations, or rather transmute the static into mutative and then finally into pure sentient energy.  And what is one of our greatest tools….Yep, you guessed it…..Baba Nam Kevalam……..Let us remind every cell that they are an expression of Divine Love.

When I consciously practice kiirtan I try to let each syllable of the mantra resonate with in me and each time my mind wanders I gently bring it back to the mantra. Im sure there is benefit when ever we practice kiirtan but if we bring presence to the practice we can heal ourselves and the planet much faster.




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