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DAY 16 – Bliss after Fasting and the Return of an Elusive Kiirtan


Ah good old DAY 16……I always enjoy the day after fasting…..My mind, body and spirit feel renewed, refreshed, alive with vitality and not to mention food tastes really good. 🙂 I’ve been really really happy with the 40 DAY challenge so far and am enjoying all the Kiirtan and connections that we’re making. 

Today I received a couple more endings to Harry’s Kiirtan, and also had the suggestion from Kiran that we maybe post an online survey to see which version everyone feels is the best fit, I think its a good idea but also encourage people to enjoy which ever version they connect with.

Once again I’m up way too late for a daddy, so I’ll post the other versions tomorrow.

I have been really enjoying playing kiirtan with my good friend Brett Hinders and we will have a few new tunes to post in the next couple of weeks. Ohhhh and another little kiirtan tip I have for you, recently I downloaded an app for my iPhone called itampura and its fantastic for improvising kiirtan on the go. In case you already don’t know, the tampura is a Stringed Indian Instrument that produces an low melodic drone. I find it very easy to lock in my tuning when singing with the tampura. With itampura you can switch the key to suit your vocal range, plus there’s lots of different raga’s to choose from (variation in the tunings to create different moods)…..I’ve been having a blast improvising kiirtan with the tampura while driving, keeps me in the flow……

An amazing thing happened tonight when I was doing kiirtan, there has been this melody that came to me years ago, but I have only ever had it for a few minutes. Once I switched melodies it would vanish……Back into the ethereal realms. And then tonight by chance I had my Zoom recorder on when I was playing and the tune came back into my mind…..I felt like I had finally caught a magical fairy, or a firefly in a jar and I think she’s ready to be shared. So I’ll record and post the elusive Kiirtan in the next couple of days……

Well time for bed…….




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