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DAY 10 – Infinite Kiirtan Possibilities

Today I was thrilled to receive 2 more possibilities for the ending to “Harry’s Kiirtan”.
I received a beautiful Heartfelt version from Divya, Asiima & Harry in Stockholm, I havn’t worked out the chords for it yet but Ill post it in the next couple of days. Thanks Divya for the really inspiring emails.

Also I received a deep mystical version from one of my favourite kiirtan and prabhat samgiita artists, Divyendu from England. I still remember the first time I had the fortune to experience one of his tapes (yes cassette tape, I guess I am getting old) in Sweden. Even now I’m struggling to find words to express the intense longing that comes through in his music, I spent many hours lost in feeling listening to his songs. Follow this link to his site and his version of “Harry’s Kiirtan”!/

I’m feeling torn because I actually love each version, its amazing to hear the Infinite possibilities that a melody can take.
Does anyone remember the choose your own adventure books with alternate endings 🙂

Who’s says a kiirtan can’t have multiple versions?


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