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DAY 8 – The Unfinished Kiirtan, I Need Your Help


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  1. Well, we enjoyed playing around with it here in NZ too – and came up with another version again!

    Just as a background as to why it took so long to get to you – I am in charge of ICT at the school where I teach, and we just bought a new iPod Touch 5 to trial and decide whether we would buy some more to use with the students next year. I got to take it home and try it out – which I did last weekend – and tried recording into it, to see what the mic quality was like. But then I couldn’t work out how to get it off the machine and into my computer, since I have never had any other Apple products before. So, now I just worked out how to do it 🙂 I have to say that the mic in the ipod Touch is heaps better than the internal mic in my apple computer (I tried recording a version on that too and was horrified – hence trying out the new iPod).

    With regards to which version to go with – I really don’t think it matters!! But you could try an online poll and get people to vote – using something like SurveyMonkey if you want to be democratic, or give over the responsibility for a hard decision to the crowds. Otherwise, I am sure none of us will be offended if you choose one – it is, after all, our offering to Baba. And you know how when you create a new kiirtan, and then you play it for the first time with Margiis – then they sometimes morph it into something else entirely at the end, and you are left wondering whether to force the “original” version you made, or just go with the flow 🙂

  2. My site is down
    Find my submission here instead:!/

  3. Thanks for the inspiration – An unfinished kiirtan is impossible to resist!!!


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