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DAY 7 – Finding Heart in the Darkness


The past couple of days we have been feeling a bit under the weather here in our humble abode, and I have been struggling with feeling a lack of connection with my Baba. I think maybe the way of the heart is to find acceptance and love even for the static vibrations of the dis-ease. If we really live life in the spirit of Baba Nam Kevalam then we will treat everything as an expression of the Divine. Not just the moments of Bliss in meditation or the feelings of surrender during Kiirtan. In fact every so called negative propensity of our minds only wants to be recognized. And Dada Pranakrsnanda helped me to understand that instead of trying to push all of our shame, guilt, fear, etc…. deeper into the shadows, we should name them, recognize them and sing Baba Nam Kevalam to them and help to transmute them into their highest expression. I would even go as far to say that we should bring all of the dirt with us in Dhyana and offer it into the light……..

I have a few kiirtans that I havnt been able to finish and I have the idea that I can record my unfinished kiirtans and you can help me to find some other parts…….I’ll try to get a few recorded in the next couple of days……

Baba Nam Kevalam,



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  1. Thankyou very much!
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