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DAY 4 – The power of Sankalpa

Tonight I was reminded of the power of Sankalpa…… If your a parent you can probably relate to the feeling of being tired and how easy it is to fall asleep with your child at their bedtime (in my case sometimes before my daughter:-)) and how difficult it is to pull yourself out of bed and finish all your meditation…. Well this evening I was faced with the allure of skipping my kiirtan and meditation, but remembering my Sankalpa I got up and experienced a really nice Avarta Kiirtan and meditation.
I find it easy to do all of my lessons when I feel the grace of the Divine, but when the force of Maya is strong and Im not feeling inspired then its only my Sankalpa that keeps me moving towards that goal, infact I would argue that during this inner battle most of my spiritual transformation occurs. It reminds me of the time when I was new to mediation. I was staying in Carbondale Illinois and doing some fundraising at the local University. It was time for evening meditation and I decided to sit down on the bank of a small pond at the campus, little did I know that the mosquitos come out in droves as the sun sets. So soon after I started my meditation I heard the familiar buzz of little mosquitos all around my body, at first I got very agitated and thought to get up and move my practice indoors, but then I looked over at my friend whom I was meditating with and he was as still as a statue. So I thought “let me take my own Sankalpa, I’m not going to move until Im finished my meditation” At first it was very difficult to ignore the little buggers feasting on my flesh, but at a certain point something shifted in my distressed mind and I sunk deep into a state of peace, I no longer felt my body and experienced a very special meditation.



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  1. Thanks for such an inspiring letter! 🙂

  2. i was really blissed when i finish reading your letter. keep writing and post it so many can learn.


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