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DAY 3 – Buddha Loves BNK Kiirtan

A have little experience to share with you…….

The other day as I was into the final day of my personal kiirtan retreat I began to circle the room playing kiirtan. It had been extremely stormy the entire time of my retreat, but finally as I sang Baba Nam Kevalam the sun broke through the clouds and filled the room with a beautiful light. During my retreat I often looked up to notice all of the statues of Indian Deities that made their homes along the top ledge of the studio. But this time as I circled the room I noticed a smile on the faces of the statues and the one the stood out the most was Buddha. I swear that I never noticed such a smile on His face, but as I sang His smile became ever more radiant, until tears of blissful joy streamed down my face. Buddha’s happiness was so real that I felt it fill the room and my heart was overflowing. It was really a great experience for me to have a glimpse into Buddha’s radiant personality. I always thought of buddism as a dry practice devoid of devotion, boy was I wrong :-)……… I love when my ideas are pushed beyond illusion.




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  1. Brother Liilamaya, this is an awesome post… thank-you for sharing it 🙂 Namaskar brother!


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