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New Tune from Jagat Bandhu – In Your Loving Arms

enjoy 🙂


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  1. Didi A'nanda Arpan'a'


    Question: what is the proper spelling of your band’s name: Soja, Soja’ or Sojha?
    How to pronounce it?
    And what is the meaning of that word?

    (In Croatian the first version is pronounced as Soya’ and it means… well, soy-bean, of course 🙂 Not sure if that’s what you itended, though 😉 ).

    Thanks in advance.
    By His Grace,

  2. Namaskar. No worries, I find can play it and download it directly from SoundCloud. Gosh, what a beautiful kiirtan, thank you.

  3. Namaskar. Having trouble playing and downloading this kiirtan. Is there a problem with it? Many thanks.

  4. Our little baby in my womb, my husband and I loved the tune, it is very sweet and subtle

    Thanks for sharing =)

    Always in Him

    Asiimá, Prabodha (ex -Pranesha) and baby


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