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40 Day Kiirtan Sankalpa – Day 2 – Sorry this didn’t get published yesterday…….


Just had an inspiring and heartfelt visit from my good friends, Niiranmaya and Ishika from Seattle…… after having some good Satsaunga (spiritual company) I’m really missing having more margi’s around. I live in one of the most beautiful places, surrounded by mountains, rainforest, ocean and streams but without regular satsaunga its easy to get swept away in the lure of material ways, not that the divine isn’t present in all aspects of life but sometimes easier to forget His presence…….

Tonight when I was doing Avarta Kiirtan, I felt that sweet inspiration fill our liitle space and felt so grateful to have such a practice of the heart. Kiirtan really has the power to transmute energy and awaken all of our potential. I’m excited to start sharing some new tunes that have come to me in the past few months and will record and post the tunes with chords. And agian like my last 40 Day Sankalpa I’d love for anyone to email me some kiirtan tunes that you have recorded with the chords and I’ll post them here on the blog for others to enjoy.

I realize that some of the download functionality isn’t working for some of the posts Ill try to get all of those things ironed out in the next few days, my apologies for my lack of attention to these things……. 

More to come 🙂




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