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New Soja’ CD – Take My Hand – Track 1

Here is the first track from Soja’s new kiirtan cd available at



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  1. Didi A'nanda Arpan'a'

    PS That picture of the forest as the heading of the blog-page is absolutely gorgeous. How I wish to get out of the city-environment and all the noise and pollution and chill out just by gazing at such a beauty… Oh, well, let’s see how the rest of sam’skaras go 🙂

  2. Didi A'nanda Arpan'a'

    Namaskar, dear Liilamaya and thanks for the link – always a pleasure to hear kiirtan updates, wonderful… Looking forward to hearing the rest of the album!
    With best wishes, by His Grace,

  3. Namaskar Bros

    We have been waiting for so loooong until our neck is lengthen… (famous cantonese saying).

    And finally a new album has arrived.

    We thank you for your effort and with the grace of the Guru we can collectively create a strong kiirtana tsunami to heal the world 🙂

    in Him


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