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40 DAY Kiirtan Samkalpa- DAY 40- New Beginnings…..

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Baba Nam Kevalam,

DAY 40. We made it, what a journey!!!
We had a wonderfully sweet Akhanda Kiirtan this evening as a celebration to end the Samkalpa. Although…..Good news….I am feeling inspired to continue with my blog and daily kiirtan. This Samkalpa has not been without its struggle but the Baba Nam Kevalam softened the obstacles. I have felt during this time that a storm is raging just outside my front door and if I step out of my ideation then I get slammed, with a whirl wind of fears and uncertainties. I won’t get into details about my personal life but lets just say that the foundations that I have identified with as being my security for the past few years have been rapidly shaken up and are beginning to crumble. Leaving me with only my family and faith in the Divine. It feels like the world is opening new and exciting doors. Baba Nam Kevalam is on the top of that list.
I am very happy that my wife and daughter will be returning from their vacation in a few days and I will be able to share with them this wonderful kiirtan vibration. Through this Samkalpa I have reconnected with many old friends and have also made many new friends. I would like to thanks everyone that has contributed kiirtans, articles and stories and please continue sending me your recordings. I am feeling very committed to continue the march forward with ever increasing speed and am very open to hearing any new ideas. Baba Nam Kevalam is a special gift that touches deep into the core of our hearts and radiates out into the universe. We have a responsibility to share this gift with the world.

Baba Nam Kevalam,


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  1. Congragulations Brother!

    So many times I carried my laptop to the akhanda kiirtan site and tried to record the kiirtans here in the Philippines as we completed our 5 week akhanda kiirtan samkalpa. Each time something bizarre happened and it did not work. I think I got some sound last time, but just have not had the time to edit or listen to it…. it is still sitting in my laptop in raw version. One day, I hope I can get the time!

    Take care and all the best from hot and humid Davao.


  2. Congratulations and thank you for creating this outstanding body of work. – BNK

  3. You made it!!! GREAT!!!!!! And thank you for all the inspiration dear brother,
    Sukrti from Italy


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