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NEW!!! Kiirtan from Lokesh and Maetreyii – “Weaving of two worlds”

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Baba Nam Kevalam,

I am very happy to share with you a very special kiirtan recording from my dear friends Lokesh and Maetreyii. The first word that came to my mind when I heard this is “mezmorizing”. Below I have included the email that Lokesh sent to me along with the track.


Namaskar Brother Liilamaya,

We have been very inspired by your efforts.

We have a new C.D in the pipeline and decided to share a near complete track.

This kiirtan is the weaving of two worlds through sound. Japan with shakuhachi ornamentation as well as the arabic instruments and voice you can hear playing along side.

We weaved these elements together with Baba’s mantra to create a kiirtan in dedication to the outer and inner struggle these two worlds are now undertaking and with deep knowing a rebirth on all levels


Lokesh and Maetreyii


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