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NEW!! Earth Day Kiirtan video – by Soja’ featuring Anjali and Jyoshna

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Baba Nam Kevalam,

Here is the new Soja’ music video featuring Anjali and Jyoshna, dedicated to our home, Planet Earth. As humans we have not always taken very good care of our abode, but I know a vast majority of us have deep respect for this wonderous and diverse planet. Now is the time to go deep within and gather all of our courage. We must fight against the inimical forces that exist within and without us and seek to exploit our enviroment for greed and selfish desire. The practice of collective kiirtan can aide us in our fight.

“When a large number of people do Kiirtana, then not only their physical force in concentrated, but also their collective psychic power, getting inspiration from the Divine, starts to flow in a single channel. Thus there is not only a concentration of physical force, but psychic force as well; and this concentrated physical and psychic force removes the accumulated sorrows and miseries of the material world”. P.R Sarkar


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