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Live Kiirtan – Global Prout Conference July 2009 in Denmark, Led by Dada Pramananda

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Baba Nam Kevalam,

A few days ago Prakash sent me this truly vibrated Kiirtan from the Global Prout Conference July 2009 in Denmark. This is a rare recording that is professionally recorded. Prakash has told me that he is going to send me more Kiirtans from the conference. Led by Dada Pramananda.


*hint- You can download this file clicking on the arrow pointing down.


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  1. Ba’ba’
    Namaskar, dear Liilamay, and many thanks for this wonderful post to you and Prakash!
    I wonder how was it recorded (I mean which “professional” equipment and technique was used)?

    It really does help to have a kiirtan leader who is both a good singer and a good instrument-player and can start with and keep a decent rhythm, plus speed it up as the emotions grow. This clip proves that one guitarist is enough even for big crowds, if/when s/he is good at what s/he is doing (which is: facilitating and not merely imposing or squeezing out something).

    Here the drummer is good too (not just noisy) and the shaker is nice and soft enough not to spoil the recording. It seems that the venue (room/hall) was also of a suitable size and good resonance.
    And, of course, the rest of the singers were all in tune (and those who were not were kind/aware enough not to show it off), so the experience is truly aesthetically pleasing as well as spiritually uplifting. Just wonderful…

    Thanks Da’da’ Prama’nanda and thanks to the rest of the devotees present at that time! I’m looking forward to the rest of the recordings from this occasion.

    I now only wish that good live-kiirtan leaders would extend a nice tune which people seem to enjoy, far beyond mere 5-minutes-or-so sessions. That’s hardly enough for a decent warm-up!

    The attention-span of the heart is much, much greater than the length of the usual MTV-clip or a regular CD track… Falling in Love even with God takes some time and persistence!

    So, thumbs up for lovely, lively, loooong serenading of the Lord (at least 10-15 minutes per tune so people can really get into the mood, and relax without worry that someone will break the spell too soon… so that we’d eventually maybe even dissolve into the Ocean of Bliss).
    Looking forward to more of that asap!

    With best wishes and love,
    by His Grace,
    Didi AA

  2. thank you!

  3. The final tune is really a great example of why professional live recordings, are a must in society today.


    Thanx for posting

  4. Namaskar brothers!

    Recording Live kiirtan is the way forward, thank you so much for putting it out for all to share.

    Much Love!


  5. Parameswarii - Singapore

    Wow… very uplifting and lively with lots of energy.

    In Him

  6. Namaskar: something must happen with the file, I can not listen or download … This track is currently not available


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