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40 DAY Kiirtan Samkalpa-DAY 32-Humbled on the Open Sea

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Baba Nam Kevalam,

This evening just as I was about to step out the door to take some pictures a friend of mine showed up and asked if I could take her Kayak home for her.  She told me the water is a bit rough to take her son home via kayak. So I said (without much thought) Sure!! Now I have to tell you that I’ve only ever been kayaking a couple of times on calm water, and it seemed easy!!! Well let me tell you! Kayaking in rough waters is a whole new bunch of bananas. I learnt this lesson right away. As I was trying to get into the kayak a wave hit me, turned me over and filled the kayak with water….A friend Bernard, who was accompanying me  inquired if I’ve ever Kayaked before. When I answered only a few times he asked me if I’m sure I would like to go. I made up my mind. Let’s go!! So finally out to sea. Wow I was humbled! You really have to find the perfect balance….Well to calm my nerves I began to sing kiirtan and after some time felt more and more comfortable and began to really enjoy the ride. (although there were a few times where I almost tipped into the frigid water)

When I finally got home safe and sound I was soaked and cold. I took a hot bath. After my bath I lit some candles, got out my guitar, put on my timer(to complete my kiirtan quota for the day) and began to sing. I really think the open sea had an influence on my consciousness because the kiirtan came from somewhere deep inside of myself.  It was  a raw expession of sound, that felt amazing to release out into the universe, each particle imbibed with the cosmic ideation of Baba Nam Kevalam.  Sometimes I wonder why at times I can feel so connected to source and sometimes the curtains are closed. Is that Grace? Hmmmmm I wonder.  Well my kiirtan Samkalpa in in its home stretch and what a journey this has been. I think kiirtan must be one of the easier Samkalpa’s to take because even during the times that I felt tired and didn’t want to do kiirtan, as soon as I got up and began to sing Baba Nam Kevalam I began to enjoy and the time just flew by. I received some more really nice kiirtans from Singapore in my email box that I will try to post tomorrow. Also Soja has been working on something special that we will release in the days to come. Please remember to send me your live kiirtan or studio kiirtan recordings to and I will share them.

Baba Nam Kevalam,



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