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40 DAY Kiirtan Samkalpa – DAY 26 – In Jamalpur with Baba

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Baba Nam Kevalam,

This evening I had the joyous experience of being in Jamalpur with Baba. A few days ago Jagat Bandhu suggest that when I do kiirtan I imagine that I’m in a room with Baba singing kiirtan for Him. Such a nice ideation!! Well this evening I was recording myself doing Avarta Kiirtan and I remembered Jagat’s suggestion and imagined myself singing to Baba. It was really amazing as I sang a story unfolded inside of my mind. I found myself in various places in Jamalpur soaking up the rays of His light. In one instance I was singing kiirtan and I could see Baba’s head tilted slightly to one side His eyes closed absorbed in the sweet kiirtan vibrations.

“The Supreme Consciousness is every where, but that vibration originates from that place where His nucleus is. He seats that nucleus at that place where devotees sing His name. What can be a better place than that?” (P.R Sarkar Ananda Vacana’mrtam 1, 34)

All is Love,



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