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40 DAY Kiirtan Samkalpa – DAY 23 – Arms Raised and an Open Heart

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Baba Nam Kevalam,

I decided that since I’m going to be spending the evening with some friends and might not get a chance for a long kiirtan this evening I would do a nice kiirtan outside before lunch. Spring is on its way but still a little chilly here on the west coast of Canada. I started playing and after some time the ends of my fingers started to get a little numb from cold so I put my guitar down and sang just with my voice. This freed up my hands and arms to raise up above my head. The majority of the time I end up playing the guitar while practicing kiirtan and miss out on the beauty of raising my arms. One thing that I instantly felt when I lifted my arms is my heart opening. What a nice reminder for me of the beauty of the kiirtan dance “Lalita Marmika” regarding Lalita Marmika Baba said “In Lalita Mármika, the position of the arms is above 90 degrees. This denotes that it is a Mudrá – in Saḿskrta it is called a “Mudrá”. This Mudrá means, “O Supreme Creator, Thou art mine and I am Yours. I am Thine.” 11 May 1979 Evening, Fiesch, Switzerland. Today’s little experience has re inspired me to practice more kiirtan without the guitar. When I lived in sweden we would do avarta kiirtan every night before bed and we always did it with only our voices. There was always such a special vibration. I feel that if anyone makes even a little effort in their kiirtan practice it doesn’t matter weather or not they are a musician. They are sure to feel the closeness to the Divine.

“During Kiirtana what happens? The mind gets lifted, exalted, and as a result you will enjoy a particular nature of peace. And if you start your Sádhaná just after doing Kiirtana, you will enjoy bliss. So Kiirtana is a necessity, is an indispensable necessity for proper Sádhaná.” Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, 27 May 1979 evening, Stockholm

All is Love,



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