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40 DAY Kiirtan Samkalpa – DAY 23, Some inspiring words….

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Baba Nam Kevalam,

After sadhana this morning I opened up “Light Comes” and read the following discourse on Kiirtana:

“Kiirtana will help spiritual aspirants in all ways and in all circumstances. If people do Kiirtana with clear pronunciation, then the mouth and tongue become pure, the ears become pure, the whole body becomes pure. Because of the purity of all these parts of the body, the Atman (soul) also becomes pure. People become so purified as a result of prolonged Kiirtana that they feel as if they have just taken a holy bath in a sacred river. A holy bath for a spiritual aspirant means constant Kiirtana.  Therefore instead of wasting their time in idle gossip, people should do Kiirtana whenever they have time. Even if they have a few spare minutes, they should do Kiirtana. It is foolish to waste time in useless pursuits.” (Shrii Shrii Ananda Murti, A’nanda Vacana’mrtam XXII, 18)

All is Love,



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