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NEW Kiirtan’s from Prem Kumar in Singapore

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Baba Nam Kevalam,

I love this little job I(the Big I) have created for myself!!! For the last few days I have been receiving these wonderful kiirtans from Prem Kumar and friends in Singapore. I will slowly release them to you. Episode 2 of the “You are Never Alone” Podcast will be out shortly and feature some kiirtans from Prem Kumar and the margi’s from Singapore.


p.s remember you can download the kiirtan to your computer by clicking the little arrow pointing down on the right side of the player.


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  1. Jayanta Kumar

    First, thank you very much for your inspiration and your beautiful work.
    Some Marguis ask me if I can provide them with the chords of kirtan “Water (Returning Home)” I have given the link to the page to get in touch with you, but I wanted to ask you something … ¿be possible to record a video with the chords of this kirtan?, as you have other videos on youtube, Giita kirtan, Blue Lotus, etc.
    We are in the meridian of our Kirtan Sankalpa and I believe this to be very good for everyone and their targets are not visible. My spirits are with the effort that you are doing.
    In the Lord

    • Namaskar Jayanta Kumar,
      I can see from your facebook page that you are also doing some amazing and inspiring work with kiirtan. Yes I will make a video to teach the chords for
      “Water (Returning Home)” Please send my deep Namaskar to the margi’s in your unit.


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