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40 DAY Kiirtan Samkalpa-DAY 19 Every particle of this Universe just wants to be loved.

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Baba Nam Kevalam,

I awoke this morning to such a heavy feeling, I really had a hard time getting out of bed (I’m by nature a morning person, so for me this is strange). What could be wrong with me? Where are these negative emotions coming from? Honestly I didn’t want to do kiirtan this morning, but remembering my Samkalpa I strapped on my guitar and headed upstairs and started to play. I guess sometimes a heavy heart is fuel for devotional practice because the kiirtan was charged with such feeling and during the singing I felt all of the negative emotions become happy and light and no longer where they negative. Afterwards, It really made me start to think of the realizations I had when Dada Pranakrsnanda came to visit us. He helped me to realize that every propensity has a home in our body and if it causes me “dis-ease” I usually  have the tendancy to label it as bad and try to bring my mind to my higher chakra’s abandoning the propensity in hopes that it will disappear. Well…. it turns out that what the emotions truly want is to be loved; sometimes we fill that void with a fast fix from the finite world but I think that just creates more longing and sometimes addiction. In Dada’s workshops he taught us to feed those emotions with Divine love by singing kiirtan to them, thus intoxicating the propensities and revealing their true nature as expressions of the Divine. Like the petals of a flowers opening to the first rays of light. The more and more I am practicing Kiirtan the more I am understanding it’s importance. It’s not only a recreational devotional practice but a powerful tool to imbibe all vibrations, whether negative or positive with divine ideation. I think negative vibes are only misunderstood 🙂

All is Love,



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  1. Thanks for your sharing dear brother, I agree so much with what you wrote today, actually I really started to devolop faster when I realized by His Grace that bad feelings or “havvyness” o whatever of me I don’t like, is also a part of me,…so If I am That Divine…All what come from insiede me is also a part of Him,…everything is part of The Suprem so it can be only good!
    Hope i was able to express well the concept 🙂
    Have a beautifull day

  2. prakash laufer

    Thank you for posting this! I’m always trying to remember this but also keep forgetting – to sing BNK to ALL our vrttis – transforming them with intoxicating love – liberating them!

  3. Dada Pranakrsnananda is doing some great work!!!


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