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40 Day Kiirtan Samkalpa – Be firm in your resolve…

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Baba Nam Kevalam,

I just arrived home after a nice recording session with Jagat Bandhu. We are working on episode 3 of the “You are Never Alone” Podcast. Episode 2 should be available in the next few days. It’s a special surprise from the Singapore Margi’s.

This morning I was up a 5am to catch a ferry to Vancouver to attend D.C.  It’s quite a long trek into the city and usually I don’t make the trip. By the time I finally arrived I was feeling a little tired and not so inspired I was wondering why I had made all this effort. After D.C Dada read a nice discourse from Baba and I felt like I was being spoken to directly. The discourse was about Samkalpa 🙂 In it Baba said (these are not His exact words) “A man/woman’s greatness depends on the firmness of his/her resolve….however low a man/woman may be they can become great by the firm determination to reach their goal”   Since I started this Kiirtan Samkalpa I have felt very deeply that I need to keep moving forward, every time I get discouraged and want to slowdown a feeling comes that I must reach my goal. And really,  once I start singing kiirtan or writing about kiirtan a new wave of inspiration washes over me and re-ignites the flame.

Baba has given us the tools, all we need to do is use them.

Baba Nam Kevalam,




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  1. Namaskar,

    I am very inspire by your resolve(samkalpa). My experience with kiirtan is you should enjoy singing kiirtan, sometimes I would prefer to sing alone. It is more personal when you sing alone. I have got different feedback about what one should ideate during kiirtan but I find when you can focus on Baba you will feel very good. Just some encouragement words to you.

    Baba Bless

    Prem Kumar


  2. Baba gave indeed many tools! And kiirtan is the most blissful one, isn`t it? It developes the most powerful tool to achieve Oneself-the devotion. Determination without devoton may turn into dry efort of the mind, leading into another sort of boundaries.
    The Life itself is nothing but Him. Because it`s starting point is within each of us. It unfolds from within.
    He made our mind blind in order to play hide-and -seek:-)


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