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“You Are Never Alone” Kiirtan Podcast is Live on itunes!!!

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Baba Nam Kevalam,

Good News!! To my knowledge the first ever BNK Podcast is live on Itunes. Now you can download Kiirtan right into your Itunes and on to your iphone or ipod for free. I’m not too computer savy hence Im still working out some kinks (I’m trying to remove Soja’ from the title in the itunes directory it’s a little complicated).  My intention is to have the podcast open to any kiirtan musicians and in the future I will host the podcast on its own site, but for now its hosted here; that’s why Soja’ comes up in the title. Besides that I’m very excited about the potential to spread kiirtan through out the world…Thanks technology 🙂

To access the podcast click this link :

Or, go into itunes then into the itunes store and do a search for: kiirtan or baba nam kevalam and the podcast will show up. Then you can subscribe to it.

Please forward this message along.



p.s. my goal is to have a new episode each week.



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  1. Ah. I subscribed. I loved it. More, more!

    Thank you.


  2. Ba’ba’ Nam Kevalam!
    Namaskar, dear Kiirtan-hero and congratulations… that’s a wonderful good news! Many thanks for putting the effort to do it, and for keeping this light alive. It’s a real pleasure for me to daily read your updates.
    I’d love to add my albums to iTunes as well, for the exactly same purpose like you – may the world be innundated with love for the Supreme…
    With best wishes and love,
    by His Grace,
    Didi AA


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