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40 DAY Kiirtan Samkalpa – DAY 14 – Some thoughts….

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Baba Nam Kevalam,

I just had a really nice video call with my daughter whom I have not seen in 2 whole weeks. My wife and daughter are visiting family on the east coast. I miss them!! Today was a very interesting day, I will have to admit that I have been feeling uneasy. I don’t think that its bad, just a lot of transformation is happening inside and around me and I feel as if I’m walking into the unknown. Luckily I have kiirtan as my candle to guide me in the darkness. The 40 day Kiirtan Samkalpa has been going very well for me, actually exceeding all expectations. I always knew that I wanted to share my experience with others to hopefully be an instrument for service but I never expected to be apart of such a wave. It’s beautiful that people from all over the world seem to have been touched by some invisible force right around the same time. I feel optimistic that us humans do have the potential to rise above our petty isms and do great things for each other, our planet and beyond.

Just to recap for anyone just joining me, I have taken a 40 Day Samkalpa or determination to practice kiirtan for atleast 2-3 hours per day. Also I am going to organize public kiirtans and devote as much time as I can to spreading kiirtan through different outlets. Some of the changes that I have been noticing in myself is a definite softening of my heart, more confidence, stronger and stronger determination and a sense of compassion and love for inanimate and animate (an example being the love and gratitude that I have been feeling for water that I have taken for granted. ) Another thing that I have really felt is the importance to practice yogic asana’s to keep my body in parallelism with mind and spirit. It is said that kiirtan purifies the mind. I’m wondering if it also purifies the body because I have been noticing more toxins coming out from my body through small rashes on my skin. One of the aspects of kiirtan that I really appreciate is the constant ideation on something beyond my ego. The egocentric feeling do come up, but then I sing Baba Nam Kevalam and remember who is smiling behind the curtain.

All is Love,



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  1. It is inspiring to hear your story and to know that so many people are inspired by Kiirtan! It has been 8 weeks now that I have been doing 1 hour of kiirtan a day and sharing this kiirtan with more and more people.


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