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“You Are Never Alone” Episode 1 – Soja’

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This first Episode of “You are Never Alone” Kirtan Podcast is a live recording of Soja on March 24th 2011. Please sing along.

Baba Nam Kevalam-Love is all there is.



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  1. Namaskar,

    Baba will understand your situation.

    Prem Kumar

  2. Namaskar,

    This is Prem Kumar asking another AM brother about your condition right now and asking for positive encouragement.

    “I am Prem.Dhara, as a National Sportsman, I was given this advice, train to the point of exhaustion, is constructive, but beyond that is destructive. Likewise, taking Samkalpa should be within your capacity. Taking too much will result in suffering. eg. when you take a bite, do not take too big a chunk, otherwise you will find problem in chewing and swallowing thus result in indigestion. Thus it is better if you adjust your Samkalpa, in stages, so that you will not feel overstress yourself. A marathon runner never start will 40km run at one go, but must first build up the endurance gradually, then he can complete the 40 km run. Thus your Samkalpa, need to build up gradually, in stages. This is in-line with subjective approach, objective adjustment.”

    Hope this is helpful.

    Pren Kumar

  3. Namaskar…
    Exactly, how could we download and feel the kiirtan.
    I’m jumping with joy

    • Namaskar,
      It should be ready for download on iTunes in a few days. I just opened the podcast account and it needs to be verified. I’ll keep you posted.
      Big Namaskar,

  4. Didi Anudhyana

    Namaskar. I have always thought, and now im more sure then ever – The last samskara to keep me on this planet would be Soja kiirtans…
    Baba gave so many tools for our welfare and development. Amongst them, kiirtan is one of the more immediate, accessible to all, easy to do, requires nothing external, yet – so penetrating the soul and uplifting the spirit.
    Everybody who can inspire others by kiirtan is helping in softening some of the more harsh samskaras we carry personally and collectively. Thank you Liilamaya and Soja members for this initiative.

  5. Namaskar Prakash,
    You will be able to download it as soon as itunes authorizes it. Sometimes it can take 2 days. I will send out a link as soon as its available.
    Baba Nam Kevalam,

  6. We’re all sing together 🙂
    Namaskar from Brazil!!!!

  7. prakash laufer

    Wonderful – How can I download this!
    Your help would be greatly appreciated!


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