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40 DAY Kiirtan SAMKALPA- Day 8 – Kiirtan, the ultimate caffine substitute

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Baba Nam Kevalam,
Maybe too many late night kiitans because today I was sooooo exhausted. Jagat Bandhu and myself work together and are attending a tradeshow in Vancouver this weekend( I’m blogging from my iPhone) We were setting up and I was struggling. I was very tempted to get a coffee. Then I thought I should sing kiirtan and see if it helps. I started singing under my breath trying to keep my ideation and continued to sing for most of the day. It’s actually amazing, I feel so energized and inspired plus I’m sure that the subtle effects of the barely audible kiirtan are having benefit on our customers.
Baba Nam Kevalam saves the day once again.



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  1. Parameswarii - Singapore

    Wow..Prakash really feel kiirtan vibrations as I read
    Keep it up !

  2. I have been enjoying doing Kiirtan for 1hr a day for 6 weeks now and I also find myself singing more during other activities! Two weeks ago I wet to a drumming and dancing Circle and found with so many drums I could sing Kiirtan at full voice as I danced and no one could hear me!


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