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40 DAY Kiirtan Samkalpa-DAY 6-“You must go beyond the Zodiac”

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Baba Nam Kevalam,

Once when I was a new margi I had a Baba’s Dream. In my dream I heard Baba’s voice and it sounded like it was coming from another planet, almost frightening. And what I heard Him say is burned into my memory. He said “You must go beyond the zodiac” Last night before kiirtan I was feeling less of the inspiration that I have been feeling for the past week. Then I started thinking about how powerful this past full moon was and its effect on us humans, and I remembered reading that Baba spoke of how the celestial bodies ie. planets and stars have an effect on our plexis through the medium of microvitum. Ok so then I started kiirtan and I played and played at first a little dry and then slowly slowly I felt the ripples turning into waves of bliss. This morning while in the shower I started to think about my kiirtan experience last night and I remembered Baba’s words to me “You must go beyond the Zodiac” and it made sense. GOD is the Celestial Body at the centre of the Universe around which everything is dancing. And to take it a step further through “by dint of our Sadhana” we become that Celestial body. So through us, when we are doing our practices, especially Kiirtan, Baba’s waves of positive microvitum are effecting the entire universe. We don’t have to just ride the waves of Bliss, if we let our egos go and get lost in Divine Ideation we become instruments to create waves of Bliss.

I would love to hear your thoughts, but more than that, Baba would love to feel your action. Sing and Dance Kiirtan.

Baba Nam Kevalam


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  1. Namaskar Brother,

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to create this site and being so active in taking a leading role in our AM kiirtan. Margiis seem to be tremendously thirsty for kiirtan, much more than dhyana.

    “GOD is the Celestial Body at the centre of the Universe around which everything is dancing” – i guess you mean Purusottama and everything dancing around Him, is Him bound by Prakriti – means us right?

    Keep going your efforts are appreciated by many


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