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40 DAY Kiirtan Samkalpa – DAY 5 (the wee hours of the morning)

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Baba Nam Kevalam.

Just put the finishing touches on a kiirtan video for the Colours of the mind album, I’ll post it in the morning. I had a really nice neo-humanistic moment this evening. I almost didn’t do my quota for kiirtan today. I got back late and was about to go to bed when I thought, the kiirtan is not for me its a service for Baba and for the planet. So I set my timer and completed the Kiirtan and during the chant my heart started to feel love for all of the suffering people in Japan then to the middle east. Then I started to think about the plants and animals and how they also benifit from kiirtan (my dog Taj usually isnt aloud in the living room but I’ve been making an exception during kiirtan).  I feel so happy that kiirtan is moving in the way that it is. Like a fountain of effulgance.

Baba Nam Kevalam,



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  1. Namaskar,
    I have been experiencing the same. Sadhana has been more of a challenge lately, but in Kiirtan like you I feel major forces at work. Such a needed service. Lets continue to keep each other inspired.
    Baba Nam Kevalam,

  2. Namaskar Liilamaya!
    In the face of so much suffering mainly in Japan and the Middle East it’s hard to find words and to know what to do. The heart aches, the mind is confused, Sadhana difficult. And then there is Kiirtan. Whatever is going on, in Kiirtan I feel completely transformed and held and healed. And I feel it’s touching not just me but others too – as you describe it. We ideate on the Supreme, but others can be there in the circle, even if they are far away. Vaniivrata


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