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40 DAY Kiirtan Samkalpa – DAY 5 -Asanas

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Baba Nam Kevalam

I will have to admit I havn’t been doing regular asana’s. And from doing so much kiirtan and sadhana I have been feeling my body getting a little off balance. A good realization. So from today I’m going to do my asana’s atleast once a day. Baba’s system for self realization is wholistic, for sure.

I tried to upload the new soja video this morning but my computer shut down on me half way through. I took it as a sign that I need to put some more work into the video.

Baba Nam Kevalam,



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  1. Namaskar Kiran,
    I love to read you emails. Don’t worry about recording just now, I’m finding that as long as I’m keeping Baba Nam Kevalam on my mind and in my voice that everything is unfolding. Im still working on the podcast and should have it up and running in a few days. I would love to hear any ideas that you have about this flow of kiirtan. Im quite new at social networking but am realizing it’s amazing potential.
    Baba Nam Kevalam,

  2. Making videos is a lot of work! Good luck with the editing.

    I will try and record some of our Davao kiirtans. I just have to get the equipment sorted out. Actually, we have had some amazing evening kiirtans here at our home the last few days too – and each time, I keep thinking – oh! I should have got the equipment set up and recorded this! Especially since we sort of spontaneously created some new tunes from golden oldie type tunes. Afterwards, when having dinner, we were trying to remember what it was we had been singing – – now they are lost in the cosmic memory – since we couldn’t recall them. Ach well.

    You asked about the trainees kiirtan. Well, hmmmm… I don’t know what they would sound like recorded to be honest… let me just say that the guitars are very cheap there and go out of tune within few minutes playing. Whilst sincerity and ideation is at a maximum, being able to sing in tune seems to also be a challenge for 90% of this batch of trainees. I will see what I can do.

    Let me first practise with our little household first, since it is about 10 years since we last recorded any tunes and we need to make our technologies compatible. I will try the simplest method first …. but you know…. just the thought of setting even that little bit up is a challenge! I suspect it is more mental than anything else…

    May Baba’s ideation be with you always,



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