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40 DAY Kiirtan Samkalpa – DAY 4

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I actually feel as if I’m floating on a cloud today. Kiirtan, what a wonderful way to have a relationship with the Divine. I have been thinking a lot about Prakash’s idea to have a way for non musician’s to be inspired to learn new tunes and sing kiirtan at home. So I am going to start a podcast called “You are never alone”. The focus of this podcast will be for devotees around the world to be able to download and sing along with kiirtan artists. I hope to have all kinds of artist’s join with Soja to make this happen. Jyoshna has started to do live kiirtan’s everyday and I hope to have some of those kiirtans available on the podcast for free download.

Dancing in Divine Bliss,


Here are the details for Jyoshna’s Live kiirtan’s:

Please join us everyday for 30min ‘live’ kirtan

Make an account on and find us there singing kirtan for the bemefit of all.

Starting day: Tuesday 22nd March at 9pm UK time
Our Stickam name is: JyoshnaLatrobe

Thank you and sings all together soon

Best wishes


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  1. By the way I don’t want to take any credit for “You are never alone” podcast it was Prakash’s brilliant idea(well I’m sure Baba was behind it 🙂 )


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