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Soja Kiirtan – Krishna Das Tune

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  1. Love you music!
    makes me smileeee
    namaskar Love to all 🙂

  2. Namaskar.

    If I am not mistaken, the chords to this beautiful kiirtan are:

    C F G C (4x)

    C F C (2x)

  3. Parameswarii - Singapore

    Love it !!
    Devotional and music just right for the ears. Feeling like floating in the ocean of bliss.. so beautiful

    Thank you so much for your sharing..

  4. This Krishna Das Tune is beautiful because it is done professionally and at the same it is full of devotion. Normally when it is done professionally it lack the devotional setiment but here you have both. It is like we are floating into sky or space going back to Supreme Consciousness.

    Thank You

    Prem Kumar

  5. Joining Hands…. Easiest way to experience the Oneness is to accept that simplicity that resides in each one of us, Kiirtan and Prabhat Samgiita are one of the subtlest instruments that has inspiried our lives with the touch of simplicity.

    Keep on inspiring…

  6. What a great project! We miss your kiirtan here on the East coast so it is nice to hear this video clip. Keep it up! I’m inspired to get out my guitar.

  7. I love it! I really must come up and see you all. We’ll see what Baba has planned. . .


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