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40 DAY Kiirtan Samkalpa-DAY 2

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Baba Nam Kevalam

I would like to encourage others to join me and make there own Samkalpa. Even committing to 15,20,30 minutes a day kiirtan can have such an impact on yourself and others around you. In my community many people are taking up all kinds of personal challenges (yoga, diet, ecological) and I have noticed how inspiring and life changing it can be. It really creates a dynamic internal and external force. Buddha attained enlightenment through his Samkalpa.


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  1. Namaskar,

    good to see that everyone can contribute to peaces with lovely chants and tunes from our Guru.

    May Baba gives us the force to chant his name everyday.


  2. Ba’ba’
    Namaskar, dear Liilamay,
    and thank you so much for sharing the info about your Kiirtan sam’kalpa… because it helped trigger yesterday evening something in me too. During that evening kiirtan hour I’ve felt an urge to dedicate more time to kiirtan daily – not just as a humming thingy which I almost unawares indulge in a lot anyway, but as a proper kiirtan session with and for my Lord that’s so easy to slip out of on our own…

    Even though I resent taking any more oaths than I’ve already taken, thanks to yours I will also add more kiirtan-minutes and hours daily, on purpose and with attention, hopefully for the rest of my life.

    And thanks a lot for taking up this wonderful initiative for uploading more kiirtans for everyone everywhere – it’s sounds almost like my dream coming true. Last year or so I’ve been itching like crazy for more and more kiirtans recorded and placed online, for spreading more positive microvita on and through the Internet, for free! I’m so glad Ba’ba’ has found someone to do it through sooner and better than me, great…

    Over the past few years I came to know of people in far-away areas joining a kiirtan or whole DCs somewhere else over skype and I’m all for it – may people connect and share and uplift each other using all available ways, that’s wonderful.

    Thanks to everyone who joined the kiirtan-garland yesterday evening (devotees from Malta and Germany confirmed the “attendance” too) and is continuing adding flowers today here in Croatia, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Canada and so on… It’s wonderful to hear of the collective sam’kalpa from Taipei, Taiwan to hold Akhanda Kiirtans over the 5 sundays in a row. It’ also great to hear from Kiiran that something similar might happen in the Philippines’ TC too… – go for it, I’d say, sure!

    Many years ago, in Sweden TC there was continuous 24-hour kiirtan going on for months and months at a stretch (they hold the world record – Da’da’ Savita’nanda might tell us how long did it last exactly… at least a year, most likely a few!)

    Yes, I agree – let there be more and more kiirtan. As Ba’ba’ said, it is THE panacea for all sorts of problems and calamities. As you’ve said, it’s the vibrational homoeopathic remedy of sorts…

    I’ll forward your initiative to other venues and lists and I’ll do my best to send you the recordings too. I’m trying to get a grip on managing my Soundcloud account where some tracks are already stored, etc.
    In the mean time, if you wish, feel free to upload the kiirtans from my albums at my web-site below (section Music) anywhere you like – they are available for free distribution&enjoyment, for the benefit of all! Thanks in advance.

    All the best, by His Grace,
    Didi A’nanda Arpan’a’


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