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Soja’s – 40 Day Kiirtan Samkalpa

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Namaskar- I salute the divinity within you with all of the charms of my mind and love in my heart.

Today Soja’ is committing to a 40 day Kiirtan Challenge or as I like to call it “Samkalpa” which means determination in Sanskrit. Our intention for the Kiirtan Samkalpa is simple. To radiate joy and healing vibrations to all corners of our planet. I feel like the earth is going through a major transformation and one way we can help is to increase and change the negative to positive. I have been thinking about doing this for quite some time and have been holding off because of little tech details with the blog and big visions of video and audio podcasts. But this morning I awoke with a heavy heart thinking about the all of the suffering in Japan and the people’s revolutions spreading across the middle East and even in the USA and I thought today is the day.

“If you want to do something good, do it immediately”

My wife and daughter have recently went to visit family. Hence, I am here by myself for 6 weeks so I have decided to commit to 2-3 hours of kiirtan per day. Jagat Bandhu who is the other member of Soja will also be joining me for the Samkalpa but I can’t say what his commitment will be bacause he has his family responsibilities as well.

With the Samkalpa I am also committing to regular blogging of our blissful experience, and sharing audio and video of our journey with you through You Tube, Vimeo, Facebook and Podcasts. My hope is that in the next few days to get our podcast up and running so that you can download the kiirtan.

I am also  committing to help organize at least 1 collective Kiirtan and 1 street Kiirtan in Vancouver.

I humbly invite everyone and all units from around the globe to create there own personal Samkalpa,  and join us in this healing Journey. I truly feel from the deepest core of my heart that Kiirtan is the homeopathic remedy needed to solve all problems.


Baba Nam Kevalam – Love is all there is.


p.s This challenge is also the launch of Soja’s new blogsite where we will continue to post Kiirtan related inspiration.




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  1. wonderful initiative and blissful way to solve all problems. From Guatemala Dada Vimaleshananda

  2. Ac. Krsnananda

    Subscription done…will promote blog as well…kiirtan tsunami to drown all in bliss is the way to go :-)))

  3. Ac. Krsnananda

    Great work brothers…Baba bless all!

  4. Even if i can not be there every moment doing kiirtana i get to hear is all through out the house and benefit from the healing power. Thank you!


    Namaskar Liilamaya,
    I am Arjun from The Philippines, I am deeply touched by your samkalpa and inspired that someone was courageous enough to commit such deed. We will organize our own Samkalpa here in Davao City ( Where the training center in Manila Sector Philippines is located). But aside from this may i also ask for your address in Vancouver because i have a son and 3 daughters living in Vancouver, though they are not as old a member of AM as me(They started living in Vancouver when my ex wife and i got separated), but i will try to inspire them to join you. They’ve been worried about my situation here since our country is located near Japan especially about the nuclear reactor explosion…though i can’t commit for them but i will try to give your address to them or wherever you hold a kiirtan in Vancouver. By the way, i got inspired by your ” Colors of the mind” album and we even used a cut of your album (rainbow) to our asana dance performance last December where most participants were asking us a copy of it. Please keep on doing kiirtan albums filled with intense devotion as colors of the mind.
    Although the result of our endeavor should also be surrendered to Parama Purusa but being a member of AM for a long time i have been blessed with inspiring results (individually and collectively) of what Kiirtan can do to our lives. As margiis we should inspire each other so we may be able to extend love to the Universe by way of doing Kiirtan. I will wait for your reply regarding address. Thank you so much and may Ba’ba’s shakti be always with you. Ba’ba’ Nam Kevalam.

    In Him always,

    • Namaskar Arun,
      Thank you sooo much for your comment. It means a lot to me to feel the wave of kiirtan touching souls across the globe. I would love to get in contact with your family. I will be in Vancouver this weekend for D.C with the margi’s. Please pass on my email to you family
      Also please subscribe to this blog so that we can keep inspiring each other.
      Baba Nam Kevalam

  6. Namaskar Brother,

    I am inspired by your samkalpa, and like I said on the TTF mailing list, I am going to see if I can inspire the trainees in Davao to also take a similar samkalpa. I was going to suggest something like it today when we completed our 3 hour AKK, but I didn’t quite have the courage yet.

    After seeing what you are doing, and the emails that were also shared about it happening in other places too, then it gives me more than enough “ammunition” to present it tomorrow after our AKK / DC (we have AKK every Sunday here in Davao). I hope that we could keep AKK going for at least the next week or two every day. I would love to say it would be happening 24 hours a day, but I don’t know if the trainer will agree to that, as there are not so many trainees there these days…. but still I will start with the 24 hours, and then we might end up reducing it to 3 hours every day. It is a challenge I hope that we could all rise to. I will let you know!

    I wish my internet connection here were faster in the Philippines. I could not watch the video all the way through, but I recognised the tune. I love all the Soja CDs and they regularly vibrate through our household here. In fact, we listen to the “Colours” CD tunes every day, since it is on our alarm setting for paincajanya and we have it connected to the loud speakers here, so the whole house and neighbourhood hear a bit of it every morning.

    Since we are a household of musicians here too, then I will talk with the others and I am sure that I will be able to get some kind of commitment from them too!

    Much love from the Southern Philippines,


    • Namaskar Brother,
      Thank you for the comment it inspires me beyond words to hear of others taking a commitment to fill the ether with positive microvita from the sincere practice of kiirtan. Please subscribe to my blog to keep connected so that we can continue to inspire each other.
      Baba Nam Kevalam,

      • Namaskar again,

        Actually – I am a sister. Kiran is a unisex or is it multisex name? Anyway, I did sign up to your blog, but for some weird reason, I am not getting either the updates or the follow up comments that I asked for in the box that you tick. I have again subscribed and I will let you know what happens.

        I wonder if you are able to change your blog settings so that the comments are displayed below the article, rather than having to click on the link to see the comments. Because it is also confusing which link to click on. If you click on the writing below the comments sectoin – it takes you to an “uncategorised” page of the website which is basically nothing special. I am sure if you choose maybe a different template or check your settings, you could change this. It will be especially helpful, because it sounds like Didi A . Arpana is sharing your blog around a lot, likewise I am too, and people want to use your blog to also share thier initiatives. It will be a lot better if their comments are made visible.

        OK – enough lecture on the technical stuff… If you want to see my blog, you are welcome to go check it out to know what I am up to here in Davao a bit better too –

        That said, back to the news about the samkalpa of the people here in Davao. There is DC in 2 places here On Sunday, so first I went to the Training Centre. Unfortunately the trainer Dada was not very enthusiastic and he said that they do Akhanda kiirtan every Sunday and every fasting day, which means 8x a week. He felt it was enough. Still, I shared your news with all the 14 trainee brothers and 6 trainee sisters and they were all very interested, because they don’t hear any news from outside the TC walls. No TV or emails as trainees. I encouraged them to petition Dada and I hope that they will take up the challenge! Anyway, he is going to India in 3 days time, so maybe once he is gone, they will organise something themselves at their respective training centres.

        Next I went to the other unit where DC was being held by the Margiis and told them about this initiative. Thier response was immediate and very enthusiastic. They said that they will also commit to 5 Sundays in a row Akhanda kiirtan. They will do it for 4 hours, have a 2 hour break for lunch and class, and then finish with another hour. They were all so inspired too, that they broke out into 30 minutes additional kiirtan after DC was basically finished, when the announcement was made!

        So, that’s the news from here.


      • Oops – I meant the trainees do AKK 8x a month. 8x a week would be amazing! That slip of the typing might prove to be fortuitous!

      • Namaskar Sister(my apologies for the mix up)
        Thanks for your comments. I went into the settings and couldn’t figure out how to post the comments below each post. But I will work on that. I am so inspired with your enthusiasm, this is the beauty of social networking, this kiirtan initiative makes me think of the revolutions happening in the middle east on a smaller scale(so far). I was once a trainee in sweden and know how wonderful the kiirtan’s are. If you could get me some kiirtans from Davao TC I will post them here. I am also getting a poscast started so that people can download the kiirtans from around the world into there itunes.
        Baba Nam Kevalam,

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